An Awesome Quote from Embid

A Text from a Friend

I just got a text from a friend who sent me this quote and I thought I’ll do a really quick video on it, it’s a quote by Joel and Embiid and here it goes; I’m just going to read it to you and get right into it, it’s going to be a short video.

This is the quote “I was basically just imagining that I was a good basketball player. The power of the mind is kind of amazing. I mean, I sucked, but somehow, I convinced myself that I was Hakeem. And I started getting better and better. I pretended my way to the NBA. I seriously got to the league by watching YouTube and living in the gym”. This quote really pumps me up because it encapsulates what we are trying to do with basketball brain, it encapsulates what I’m trying to do with my life. I’m trying to get you to do, what Embiid just did naturally and listen there are guys out there who just kind of luckily become good at mental training, Jordan was sort of like that, he just always visualized it like that, he’s done it since a young age. He got around Dim, Smith and some other people, became a bit more formalized but it doesn’t matter whether you have it naturally or not you can learn it now.
Let’s go through this quote line by line because it’s awesome, okay.

The Power of Imagining/Visualizing

First sense, “I was basically just imagining that I was a good basketball player” now if you do the full program, it talks about self-imaging and how important it is for you to start programming your subconscious and your unconscious with a self-image that is robust, that is strong. So you can have a self-image that is tiny, you can have a self-image that is big and strong and confident. So if you see a guy in practice who kills it all, pickup game and he’s doing really well and then in a real game, he plays poorly. Well his self-image for a pickup game or practice has a lot of confidence, his subconscious ceases pick up self-image as a really confident player. When he gets in the game, you can almost see his self-image shrink and you play to the level of the size of your self-image and the feeling of your self-image. If your self-image has a lot of confidence in a game context, you play better and then you have guys who don’t practice in pickup games but they are gamers. During the game, they play really well; Gerald Smith does this sometimes, he sees himself as a great player during the game and that’s the self-image in him and he’s living up to what he thinks subconsciously. So as you start imagining yourself being good, your self-image starts to expand.

Another point on this, imagining being good is also talking about visualizing, seeing himself be a great player, seeing himself playing in the game, making moves, working out a shot in his mind, just using his mind. Michael Jordan do this all the time, Kobe did it all the time, and Olympic athletes do it all the time. You hear about everyone is meditating now, let me tell you something, successful people visualize more than they meditate; they see the future, they use their mind sort of as crystal ball so that they can see into the future in this crystal ball when you look into it, you see the future, it starts to bring that future into the present, it starts to actually create the future as well. So imagining you are good, it means you hold the feeling like you are a good player even if you are not where you want to be yet. Like I’m starting to get more serious about Golf, so I’m not very good but I’m acting as if I am good, I’m imagining I’m good, I’m being myself, I’m seeing the club head hit the ball and I’m playing better and no matter what happens, I can go out and shoot 100, I can go out shoot 80. No matter what, I’m going to imagine I’m good. You have to be consistent. Don’t worry about your game going up and down, eventually your game catches up with what you are imagining yourself to be.

The Mind is Way More than “Kind of” Amazing

Second sense, “The power of the mind is kind of amazing” he’s wrong, it’s more than kind of amazing. It is the way for you to maximize your potentials not just in basketball but in life, the things we teach you here, you can use in anything you end up doing anything, anything at all and if you want to learn more, go to, that’s personal channel. If you are ever going to be an entrepreneur, if you are going into a relationship, I have a lot of stuff going on there that will help you with life in generally. So you can like me and check out my personal channel too, it’s a little beyond basketball though I do some sport stuff there as well, so the power of the mind is more than kind of amazing, it’s extraordinarily amazing. You just can’t believe it, it’s how you view it. The people who view basketball brain, they send me testimonials, I don’t even ask, they just send them to me and I love that, I love that.

How Not to Suck

Then he says, I mean I sucked and you guys probably feel like you sucked a lot of the times. So he’s telling you that I sucked and this is how I stopped sucking; I started doing mental training, that’s how I stopped sucking. I was not a very good player until my junior year and it’s because between the summer of my sophomore in junior year, I happened to find a book that talked about mental training and I applied the drills and some of the drills I went into actually in the basketball brain program, I tweet them because I do a lot of research on them. Some of them are very similar but they are drills that work. They just worked like jumping jacks or push-ups. If you do certain things, it works. Your brain as they say didn’t come with a user manual, I’m giving you a user manual with basketball brain.

Convincing Yourself You are Great

Let us go to the next three sentences because they kind of work together, he said “but somehow I convinced myself that I was Hakeem and I started getting better and better. I pretended my way to the NBA”. Somehow I convinced myself that I was Hakeem. That’s where he’s talking about Kobe modelling Michael Jordan, copying Michael Jordan. You have got to copy the very best to be the best. You have to be, you have to imitate them. And he said “I pretended my way to the NBA”, I pretended my way to the NBA; I was just reading an article and I think it was in Psychology today or something like that. And they have this process, I think a guy in Harvard developed it and it was called Halloweening and how it was very useful sometimes to pretend you are somebody else. You are going through tough time or you lack confidence. Well, they are pretending this is new, we have been doing this for ever and there are people before me talking about how it is very good for you to imagine you are somebody else. In business I’d imagine I am Elon Musk, I’m Richard Branson and then as I read them about them and I study them and I learn their believes and I started acting with their believes, pretending to be them, pretending its Halloween and everyday I’m dressing up as Richard Branson, I end up getting better, I end up becoming a better version of myself.

On my personal channel, the links below if you guys want to follow me if you like these stuff, I talked about how it’s not god to always be yourself. Everybody says be yourself be yourself, sometimes you suck. Embiid says here, “I mean I sucked”. Sometimes, you are not any good. Okay, in golf, I’m not any good. I’m not going to be pretend to be me, I’m going to pretend to be somebody who is good. I’m going to learn their work ethics, I’m going to learn their thinking patterns, I’m going to learn everything I can about the great golfer. And so modeling that, copying that, it’s so awesome that Embiid is saying this, isn’t it? It’s what we’ve been talking about. Model great players, pretend you are somebody else, you know when I was younger, I pretended I was Michael Jordan I had to suspend the short, underneath the short, I tucked in my shirt, I had a wrist band on the fore arm, my knee brace on the leg, but that’s who cares. Okay now I didn’t make it to the NBA, I wasn’t Michael Jordan, I max out my potential and that’s why we do this, you want to see what you are capable of, you want to max out your potential.

Maybe some or one of you guys out there is going to make it to the MBA, maybe some of you guys is are to end up overseas playing, maybe it’s just D3, maybe it’s a JUCO, maximize your potential. Maybe it’s making your high school team, maybe it’s getting playing time, there is no shame is maximizing all of your potential. That’s all all of us can do. You know we are given certain genetic gifts and we do what we can with those but you are never going to maximize your potential without mental training. It’s not just going to happen. You can’t just get motivation, you actually have to imagine, visualize. You have to be pretend you are somebody else. And he said “I stated getting better and better”. Every day I get emails from users who says you’ve helped me so much, I’ve done this for two weeks and I’m already playing so much better. It’s amazing, I get those emails. Have you guys ever heard me ask for a testimonial?
I never ask for them, you guys just send them to me because the program works, because mental training works.

Use YouTube the Right Way

Let’s finish this out, “I seriously got to the league by watching YouTube and living in the gym” Now if you know my channel, I did another video saying and that was called “how to get better at basketball while watching YouTube”. You can find it in the playlist somewhere. What you do when you are watching you tube is you are pretending, you are really just pretending. So let’s say you are watching Kobe Bryant shoot a fade away. In a nut shell, very quickly here you can watch the whole video if you went to learn more, you watch Kobe shoot the fade away, pause it, close your eyes and then imagine yourself shooting that exact fade away. And then go on, so you are pausing as you go through highlight, you are not just watching them on the screen, you are pausing, closing your eyes, you are enjoying the highlights but you are doing the work while you are watching them. You are pretending, you are feeling it in your body. So at the end of the YouTube session, you are sort of downloading from the popular domain, the blueprints into your body. Have you ever seen the matrix? I talk about the matrix too much guys, I realize this. I really do have a problem but I love it, it’s my favorite movie.

You know, he gets out of the matrix and they pump that thing in the back of his head, if you haven’t seen it, don’t listen for the next 10seconds but they plug it at the back of his head and he feels, I want to learn more Kung-Fu and he just imbibes Kung-Fu. You are kind of doing the same thing, you are watching YouTube videos, you are getting that matrix download by pausing and copying, pretending you are Kobe Bryant and the last part is he said “I’m living in the gym”. So on point. Basketball brain is not here to replace physical hard work, no they go together, they together like peanut butter and jelly.

A lot of people just work on the jelly, they just stay in the gym, they got no peanut butter. Peanut butter is the mental training and so you have got to combine those two and so a few do it. I always talk however I pitch my business, this is my pitch, you guys want to hear it?

In sport, all sports but let’s say basketball specifically, there are guys that will teach you great skills, teach you how to dribble better, how to shoot better, lots of guys doing that. This conditional guys, they will make you stronger, they will make you faster and you won’t get tired as much. Those guys are everywhere. There is analytics guys, you know these guys, they would tell you go, you shoot 5% better going to your left from 17feet away than you do from your right 17feet away. Very important major advance in the game then you have the access and knows guys who know every defense of scheme, offense if scheme, in advance plays or whatever, they have all of the access and knows.
And then there is this big area and I think it is the biggest area that is, that is nothing and its mental training. All coach will say is concentrate, believe in yourself and they don’t tell you how to do it.

If people don’t tell you how to believe in yourself, what it means to believe in yourself. Are you having a big self-image in your unconscious, how do you actually grow that, they don’t tell you how to concentrate like how do you concentrate, what does that mean?

Do you scratch up your face and really focus hard? One of the basketball brain program, we tell you actually what it means to concentrate. We teach you how to center your mind, we teach you how to shift focus in your vision so you can see the whole form and lock unto a target.

Its real practical stuff. Anyways, as you can tell, this quote really turn me on.
So it’s nice to see an NBA player who is doing the basketball brain program unwillingly. When I see NBA, I’m like you are doing my program and you don’t know it.

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This is Dillon.

Thanks guys, talk to you soon. Kobe is coming very soon. Got another bill bag coming but I saw this cool how to do it on it. Peace.