Example of my letting go: Today, I woke up and felt a little lack of confidence. Just feel the doubt in what I do. Feel it. Feel it. No judgment. Let go of it. Just sit with the emotion. Okay! Gone! I feel great! I feel confident.

The point of these drills is to help start to not put so much value on your thoughts. The zone is a space of non-thinking, and a great way to slip into is to allow thoughts to pass through your conscious awareness without judging them. In our experience, it is much, much more likely you for you to get into the zone when you do two things (that seem contradictory) at once: in the morning create positive thoughts, and at night, let go of all thinking. Lastly, the BasketballBrain program helps you let go of unconscious feelings that may be holding you back. This too is vital, for if you have too much repressed guilt or anger will not allow you to achieve the highest levels of success!