Thought of the day: I don’t have to workout, I want to workout! I get to workout! I’m excited to workout!

Thought of the day: I play at 7.5 on offense, I play at 8.5/9 on defense.

Thought of the day: Believe in yourself – expand yourself image. Always say, “I can do it, I can do it!” No matter what you face!

Thought of the day: Do the thing that is hard to do, and the power will come!

Thought of the day: With your coach, list three weaknesses in each of these categories: offense, defense, mental. And then the plan to turn these weaknesses into strengths!

Thought of the day: Walk around with that winning feeling! Feel good about your life and what’s happening in it no matter what! Just have the feeling that you are lucky and good things happen to you!

The importance of rest: Taking a day off once per week can do wonders for you body and mind. Sometimes a little break is the hardest work you can do because it takes discipline to take a day off. We choose Sunday, so if you want to have a social night with friends, you can do it on Saturday and sleep a little on Sunday.