In the video below, stare at the center dot. Then use your peripheral vision – to see all five┬ádots. This mimics you seeing the entire floor. When you lock onto the center dot, that is like shifting from seeing the floor to locking onto the basket. Imagine you are dribbling, seeing the floor, then decide to shoot! Your eyes go from seeing everything, to focusing on the hoop! Go to full screen if you use the video – the same principle applies: see the two outside dots then laser focus on the center dot.

How it Works:

Simply see both the outer dots and say “Wide” as you do so. Then switch and focus on the center dot and say, “Lock.” Do this for one to two minutes. The drill mimics your ability to switch from seeing the whole floor (such as when you are running point) to locking onto the basket to shoot.

Shooting is 90% related to your vision and ability to focus quickly. That’s why even some players with bad form can still shoot a rather high percentage from the field. I’m convinced that the “clutch gene” is in large part the ability to have control over your eyes as the pressure mounts. If you train your eyes to lock on the target no matter what – and never take your eyes off the target even in the face of distraction – you will shoot better – much better. But many players never do anything to improve their focus. And that’s sad, because it is so easy to do. Do this drill with 100% focus.