Daily Drill #2: Mental Swishes

Say, “Splash” each time the ball goes through. I want you to “feel” the ball go through the basketball. Each time you do so, you mind is literally telling your body what it feels like to swish a shot. You are programming the feeling of a make through your entire nervous system.

How it Works:
All you have to do for this drill, is watch the video of the ball going through the hoop. In your mind, watch the ball hit the center of the hoop. When you shoot, you don’t look at the back or the front of the rim, but the dead center in the middle of the hoop, as shown below:

Also, in your mind, hear the sound the ball makes when it swishes. You may also want to feel in your mind your arm extending as if you were shooting the ball. You’ll notice when you walk in the gym that you have a new level of confidence and focus when you shoot. Remember, we are reprogramming your mind – this may take some time, but keep doing this every single day. Pay attention as you do the drill, and really focus. When you are in the gym shooting for real – remember these swishes. When you miss any shot in the gym, instantly recall a swish. Only see that which you want! Flood your mind with swishes!

This drill is great fun and relatively easy. It programs your mind to (1) focus on the center of the hoop, and (2) implants in your mind what you want – that is making the shots. The more times you envision success the greater the likelihood you are to experience it in real life. This program also will increase confidence. It is important that you do this drill everyday with total focus, and then carry this over into the gym.
IMPORTANT: After you are done, visualize in your mind 50 to 100 more mental swishes! Don’t use the video!