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How It Works

Basketball Brain’s The Zone Work is designed to put your players in “the flow state” using the latest in sports psychology as well as tried and proven techniques to dramatically increase players’ confidence, composure, concentration, and consistency. Your players will also see an increase in shooting percentage, a decrease in turnovers as well as a decrease in mental errors. The program is a 6 day a week program that takes about 12 minutes per day. A player can simply follow along with the audio files each morning when they wake up. Basketball Brain works on desktop and mobile devices.

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What Basketball Brain sounds like

  • Over 50 audios
  • E-book is included
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  • Based on proven psychological research

Increase confidence, composure, and concentration


We use the same drills that Olympic athletes, and top

CEOs employ to dominate.

Increase free-throw, field-goal, and three-point percentages


Learn the same skills Navy Seal snipers use to take out their

targets, but apply it to your shot.

Decrease turnovers, errors, and breakdowns


We start to overload your mind in practice, so that in the game

everything starts to slow down.

Increase assists, steals, and get more 50/50 balls


When you start to think faster, you begin to move faster too –

you are a step ahead of the competition.

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