Product Detail


  • BasketballBrain dramatically increases shooting percentage on three-pointers and jump shots
  • Your turnovers will decrease
  • If you are meek, you will learn to play like a lion
  • If you are out of control, we will teach you how to harness your passion
  • You will have the same level of focus as a Navy Seal sniper
  • You will learn how to slow the game down using the latest advances in sports and cognitive psychology
  • You will have confidence at the free throw line
  • You will enter the 40-50-90 club or your money back
  • You will have access to amazing on court workouts
  • You will have access to our "wow, that's nuts" customer service
  • Basketball Brain gets rid of pre-game jitters to get you primed to play
  • The program shows you how to "download" the games of star players by watching YouTube videos of them
  • It teaches you how to always play in rhythm, and make the game seem easy
  • You will be  clutch, and always come through with the big play as the game comes to an end
  • It teaches how to think like the wisest and most successful people on the planet think
  • You will know exactly how to treat and deal with negative emotions
  • Your confidence will shoot through the roof, you will feel and play like the best
  • You will have a clear game plan for your future, as we teach you how to set powerful and crazy goals you will achieve
  • You will reach your potential
  • You will know how to get out of shooting slumps and put poor performances behind you
  • And of course, you will get in the ZONE more and more frequently - that place where the game comes easy, you swish everything, and always make the right play


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