"As a basketball coach and professional basketball skill trainer I know that basketball is 90% mental and just 10% physical. There are few things, if any, used to train the brain to play better. Basketball Brain helps you play better, score more, and opens the door to the most forgotten and least used tool a player has... his brain. His thoughts and words and how these can be trained thereby opening the door to performing better. I have seen it work and swear by it and use it with my players. My players use it to score more and are more in tune with their mental state before games. Try it and see the difference. You will be glad you did!"

Mac Williams, Head Coach for Team Assault and Craftwork Training

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"Basketball Brain is awesome! I'm all about the mental aspect of the game. Very powerful stuff."

Teohn Conner, Ultimate Sports - Director of Basketball Training

"I really liked Basketball Brain. I used the "lock, arc, swish/clear" technique with my team yesterday. It will get even more effective as we practice it more often."

- Brittany Moses, B.A, Pioneer High School Coach

"I love your program. I recently made 56 three pointers in a row, just using the lock-arc-swish method. I will get closer to a 100 and get it on camera soon. Thank you for your work!"

-Gustavs Puhovs

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I'm so glad I found you guys! All your videos I have watched they are amazing and so inspirational!

-Simon Stolly

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-Europe Basketball Academy

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"I've only had this for about 6 days and I've already seen lots of difference in my game. It's actually very helpful!"


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"I bought the full program and listened to the full shooting program. I shot last night very, very good with your lock, arc, swish method. Great technique! I'm currently on day 2 of the full program and woke up and did 100 mental swishes. Thanks for the tips and I can't wait to continue the program!"

Max D.

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"This stuff is sick! I really appreciate you taking the time to show it to me!"

Jacob S.

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"I did your day 1 free and at first I was skeptical but then once I started shooting it worked! And I went 12-12 from 3!!!"

Kobe M.

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"I completed the program and this stuff WORKS! Mental training like this is something that can separate the men from the boys. Was averaging 7.8 ppg, but now I'm at 14!"

Carter J.

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"Thank you so much! You have helped me so much, and even my coach praised my new found confidence after our last training. It is so awesome. Keep up the great work."

TilmanĀ Z.

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"Thank you!! I love this program, it has helped me so much. I used to have pressure playing in front of my coaches but I've been able to show them how I really play. Thank you so much."

Anthony V.

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"I am writing to let you know that I am pretty happy with the product, it's incredibly helpful, it has blown my mind!"

Sky Dunkers

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"I just finished the program and I feel great!"

Jack K.

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"Thank you so much! I am already noticing the difference in my shot accuracy. Awesome website."

Anthony T.

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"Really love these videos and the program. They really open up the mind to how great one can become and are very inspirational!"


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